Sunday, July 21, 2019

Acorn Quilt Update

I now have 72 acorns made!  Whew!  Everything is sewn together except the ends and bottom.  I haven't decided if I want to move any around yet or not, right now I need fresh eyes to look.  I will finish it up tomorrow and then start working on making more hst's to finish up the quarter square secondary pattern into the border.
Acorn Quilt progress

So with all the bonus triangles, I am thinking about doing Bonnie Hunter's current Leader Ender Challenge.  I really didn't think I wanted to, but because I have enough to match corners on 60 blocks, I may do it. My bonus hst are 2" unfinished, so I guess I have a good start for the 6" shoofly block.
Acorn Quilt progress

I will have to check in my box full of hst to see if I should add some of those as well.  Though I don't think I will want to go as scrappy as what Bonnie shows.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Bonus Half Square Triangles

I just wanted to share a sort of leader/ender bonus hst method.  I really don't like to have to mark/sew/cut as I prefer shortcuts.  Of course your mileage may vary, but once you find what works for you, I think it is a good method.  The corner squares of my acorn quilt are 2 7/8" (was suppose to be 2.5", but I failed to follow directions with my first 21 blocks) so I am able to get a 2" bonus hst out of the other side after trimming and squaring up.

For this block, I am to sew from corner to corner on the 2 7/8" square, trim, repeat.

Bonus HST
On my Omnigrid ruler I have a black dash marking between the 1/4" and 1/8" yellow lines.  It is a bit more than a scant imo, but for these bonus blocks, it is a good margin (though I know 1/4" seam allowance is preferred, which is why I say YMMV).

I think on this block, I actually trimmed it 1/4" away from the corners, but I changed the size after this one to a slightly smaller seam allowance.
Bonus HST
I trim directly at this point, sew the block and then sew the bonus hst.  I am able to work though a whole block without chain stitching many other larger blocks.  I think that it all works out to about the same amount of time to make them in all, but I am removing a step of having to go back over and sewing on a second line then trimming off the bonus hst.

Bonus HST Bonus HST

I have a spot on my machine (both at the foot and in front where I marked) where I know to keep the edges as I sew in order to keep the correct seam allowance.  You may need to play around a bit to find that spot on your machine.  There are also other guide methods that you can use to keep that seam allowance.

Bonus HST

Anyway, I just wanted to share this in case anyone else gets tired of marking like I do.  Whatever works for you.  I have no idea what I am going to do with the bonus hst yet, but I will have 196 to play with... maybe around a border.  They really aren't the best hst because the light fabric has a seam running through it from the frame strips around the acorn.  However the extra seam doesn't jump out glaringly at you, so unless you know it's there, you won't really see the seams.

Friday, July 19, 2019

July Update

I finished my Cheddarback July blocks about a week+ ago, but didn't feel like updating just yet.  Before I show those, I wanted to show my newly spruced up ironing table!
Ironing table cover change

Isn't it sad?  The cotton fabric has been very well used, to the point that it is brittle and unsalvageable.   I pulled out a polka dot yardage in my stash that I found on sale, and decided to give that one a go (after choice #1, 2, 3 did not have enough to cover the table).  Now that I have ironed it and got it positioned just right, it is a great fit.
Ironing table cover change Ironing table cover change

I decided between elastic or a tied loop and went with elastic again.  It isn't super tight, but it works well.

Now for my Cheddarback blocks.  I like how my 12" block turned out this month.  I did change the pattern a bit to make it more piecing friendly
Cheddarback Quilt: July

I also decided to paper piece my schoolhouse block... I forgot to reverse the piecing though, so now my schoolhouse is facing the opposite direction as the original :)  Oh well!

Cheddarback Quilt: July

I love how the quilt is coming together.  There are four 5" blocks that go under that final section, but I'm not sure if we'll see those next month or at the very end.  We shall see!

What have I been working on this week (aside from painting the living room--which I am done for now until next week when I can get help on moving a few things), can you see those acorns in that panel pic?  That's what I am currently working on!  Finally.  Hopefully by Monday I will have a progress pic that I will post.  The number I am working towards is 70 acorns!  I am nearly done with the 48 that I have left to make, but it will take a bit of time to sew up the corner triangles.  I also figured out where I went wrong with my original blocks, I read the instructions wrong and I am not sure why I didn't catch my error at the time.

Acorn Quilt Progress
Ok, I just snuck in a picture to show where I'm at with the blocks.  I need to finish this up to move those squares that will end up in the corners off my table!

Anyway... I'll show the complete progress next week.  Happy Friday everyone :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Cheddarback Month 4

I finished up June's blocks fairly quickly.

Cheddarback BOM
Also, I embroidered in some lines to the basket block from last month.  It's still not optimal, but at least the basket fabric doesn't totally get lost in the background fabric.

I don't think I chose correctly for the 12" block this month.  I should have put in a different fabric for the center since the plaids don't line up right.  It bothers me, but not enough to take out that square.  I will live with it!

I changed the pattern for the bow tie block to make it easier.  I really didn't want to handpiece that center portion.  For the starburst block, I paper pieced instead of using the templates.  I think a lot of people had issues with that block in trying to get the points in the center to line up.  I don't think they matched perfectly in the original quilt either.  I did rip and resew a couple of times to get it close.

For the last 5" block, I decided that I DID want to work on my set in seams :)  I was mostly successful :)
Cheddarback BOM

Cheddarback BOM

There is one more 12" and 4 5" blocks left to go for this row, and then under that is a row of 5" blocks.  The length will outgrow my wall after July!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

New Quilt Start: Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter
and... with four boys and no daughter, I am not sure who this quilt is for yet, but it will find a person that it's destined for.  I was subject to an ad on facebook by Stitchin' Heaven for this block of the month and it drew me in immediately.  I guess they know how to target an audience :)  I am hoping the fabrics sent are more on the clear/white/bright side, the quilt that was shared in the ad is what grabbed me.  I have seen other BOM's that they have done with this quilt, and they have more of a shade to the background especially.

Dear Daughter
Episode 1, finished.  Some of the text is very narrow so I stitched like I do with stems, across the letter.  The more bulky letters will most likely be blanket stitched with my Valdani pearl cotton thread (love that thread!).

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter

Just a couple of links... here it is from the designer (she also has some other great patterns, I purchased two last night!)

Kits and block of the months are dangerous for me.  They are expensive typically, so I do look for deep sale savings.  This one is not on sale, and for the cost, I will stay current as the "episodes" (since we do more than 1 block each month) come out.

I think I need to finish up another UFO for my new starts I had this year :)  What to pull off the pile...

Monday, June 17, 2019

Y2K/Millennial Quilt Finish

Another UFO bites the dust!

Millennial Quilt

How many of you traded charm squares in 1998-2000 to come up with 2000 charms to make a Y2K quilt?  I traded with a couple of different groups to add to my stash clippings for this quilt.  Originally it was going to be a graph of dieting success (each square equaled a fraction of a pound loss, but I lost interest and it became a UFO.  I decided a year or so ago to sew it up and yesterday I finally took my last stitch in the binding.  Hooray! One less UFO after 20yrs!
Millennial Quilt

I love the back... I don't know why exactly, but my grid is just inviting.  I was so happy that I ended up with no puckering with it.  However, I did end up with a little issue in a corner which is where the label went to cover it up.  The problem?  That's the top of the quilt.  Oh well.
Millennial Quilt

I tried to find a few fun squares to search for to put on the label:
Millennial Quilt
I had to cut my label a bit larger than I normally do because I already had an idea of what I wanted to put on it--giving it an eye spy style.

And this guy does not make it easy to finish bindings!  Every single time I am finishing up a quilt, he will lay down in my lap.  He NEVER comes to lay down in my lap unless there is a quilt in it that I am actively working on.  I think he has an agenda or something :)
Millennial Quilt

A couple of pictures of the 1.5" squares:
Millennial Quilt Millennial Quilt

I love the fact there's a miracle in the quilt, and I also used some of my mom's stash that I had saved.  The blue stripe fabric in the second photo is one.  Mom made me a blouse from that fabric when I believe I was in 3rd grade.  I'd have to go find my photos to see if that was the shirt I wore.

Did you also make a millennial quilt?

Friday, May 31, 2019

Cheddarback Quilt, Month 3

Cheddarback Month 3

I have been slowly working on this month's set of blocks and last night I finished up the last basket block.  The smaller blocks are only 5", so it was just easier to paper piece that one instead of typical machine piecing.  I didn't quite follow the directions and ended up needing to fudge in more fabric to make it work.  Also, I need to either paint, draw or embroider more to that basket because I have been sick and apparently it affects my ability to see value in the the fabrics! LOL!  I am not taking it apart and redoing because of the teeny tiny stitches to rip and the likelihood that I would rip the fabric instead of the teeny tiny stitches!

Cheddarback Month 3

And the first three months altogether:

Cheddarback Month 3

Here's a funny regarding May's blocks... I thought yesterday was May 31 and I was proud I finished two hours prior to June hitting.  Imagine my surprise when I went to turn the calendar this morning and found that today is still May :)  I will use today to darken up that basket I think!