Monday, January 14, 2019

Good Fortune: Top Finished

I'll be repeating myself, but I love this quilt design.  I will definitely be trying to complete this one to enter into the fair this year.  After I finish quilting, I'll take a better picture on my quilt frame.  There is too much to move to get an unobstructed picture of it in my quilt room.

Good Fortune Mystery: Top Finished

Good Fortune Mystery: Top Finished

Those borders.... The quarter squares were a challenge.  When I put together two sides in the method that Bonnie designed, the blue was too overwhelming to me.  I asked Kevin what he thought (without my prompting on thoughts) and he actually said the same thing.  I planned to do a final string border, so creating the ribbon design made sense.  Now the corners!  I was not happy with how they were lining up and wasn't really sure what to do.  The sides all end in an even number and some ribbon borders I've seen end in odd to get the right effect.  I also had mirror image blocks and I quickly pushed out the notion of creating more so they were all going the same way.

Here is the evolution:

Good Fortune Mystery: Top Finished Good Fortune Mystery: Top Finished Good Fortune Mystery: Top Finished Good Fortune Mystery: Top Finished Good Fortune Mystery: Top Finished Good Fortune Mystery: Top Finished Good Fortune Mystery: Top Finished

What's worse?  After I had the quilt up on my design wall, borders and corners going the right way, I somehow turned a couple over and I had to rip out all four corners (instead of doing the entire border row) and replace them.  AND THEN! I discovered that the corners would not be mirror images on opposite corners, so I needed to rip out a corner yet again to get it right.  I decided to leave one corner with the background so it would be the "end of the ribbon".  It still isn't the perfect effect, but I am happy with it.

Those corners weren't the only pieces being ripped, I also had four patches that needed to be ripped after I read one clue wrong about construction (did way too many, nearly double of the needed 4-patches for the center of that block).   I need to replace my seam ripper however because I think it is getting dull (I'm sure I have a spare or two tucked away).

After the string borders, I still have a pile of strips... it doesn't even look like any were used!  My next project is going to be Hunters String Star and I plan to have the same type of background fabrics so at least I am ready to go for that.  I haven't decided on what color/s  I want to do though.  I can't decide on a single color or multi.  Should be a fun one either way.

I am also still plugging along on my Starlit skies.  I'll blog about that soon.

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Revealing Good Fortune

Good Fortune: the reveal

There are some quilts that just make you want to fall into them and snuggle... this Bonnie Hunter mystery has done it for me.  I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it's just likely the combination of my stash fabrics and the design.  I really like this year's mystery.  It may just top my most favorite: Orca Bay (renamed Coffee at Orca Bay):

Orca Bay finished top

I did end up using some of the greens from Orca Bay in Good Fortune (as well as some of the reds from Allietare).  When I used stash fabric for Busy Street (Edit! I just realized the mystery was EASY Street... mine was just busier than most and I couldn't get that out of my mind apparently! LOL!), I wasn't happy with the result... I am thrilled however with Good Fortune.

I decided to make it longer because finishing at 72" square didn't give me enough length for at least a lap quilt.  I like to tuck my toes sometimes :)  Because there were extra four patches, I was able to make up that block quickly... and now I only have one four patch left.  I decided to do the green sawtooth border before deciding if I wanted to do more bonus hst's again, and there are many leftover still.  I haven't made up my mind yet, but I need to soon since I am almost done with one side of the half chevron pieces for my extra 7 blocks needed.

Good Fortune: the reveal

My project over the next week is to finish up the 7 chevron star blocks and then work on adding a few extra pieces for the two longer borders.  I am wondering if this quilt will bump others in line for quilting?
Good Fortune: the reveal

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Good Fortune pt 7

I finished up my sewing on the latest clue released at 9pm (my time) NYE yesterday.  But it wasn't until today that I realized that instead of using XX four patches, I sewed up XX PAIRS of four patches.  So I currently have almost 30 halves of the clue not sewn up sitting on my table.  I'll likely need to rip them, but I will wait just in case.
Good Fortune pt7

I really like how the patches sparkle in the scrappy sense, and I am glad that I chose multiple fabrics instead of single colors.  That's just my preference.
Good Fortune pt7

I have also been working on last summer's (2017) Primitive Gatherings Summer Block of the Week.  I am up to 20 blocks made, and 7 more weeks to go (or, 28 more blocks).  Because I chose an on-point setting, I will need to make two more blocks for it to work.
Starlit Skies 2017 Primitive Gatherings BOW

Kev and I went to Mud Bay to pick up some dog food and pulling in our parking space, I spotted this guy:
Hey kitty!

I wish I could have pulled out my phone quick enough to catch a photo when he was staring at me, he had such pretty, big eyes.  I'm not sure if he was loose or got out of a carrier, but I think his person is pretty adventurous to travel with her kitty like this :)  I think the owner was agonizing over which food to get, as we went in and out before she had made up her mind.  I was hoping that the owner was on the Cats of Bothell facebook page and saw my post... but I haven't seen any comments to indicate she is.  I'll give her time :)

Friday, December 28, 2018

Good Fortune Mystery Pt 6

Yesterday I started trying to clean and organize my quilt room.  This room also has a small desk cubby that gathers EVERYTHING so that was my starting point.  I was able to discard or recycle a lot of stuff on the desk in order to rearrange so I could use a shelf easy access to my quilt books.  I finished it up mostly today, though I still have my walk-in closet to do next.  I don't know where to put my knit fabrics for garments, but I'm hoping if I can get a shelf space where old magazines and other books are currently stacked freed up I can put them there.  At least then my closet could house all my fabrics.

Now clue 6:
Good Fortune: Clue 6

It was an easy clue, but I decided instead of the background fabrics I had been using that I would go through my string box and pull out something new to this quilt.  I am hoping for a New Year's Eve or Day clue release next :)

Good Fortune: Clue 6

Monday Link-up:

And now I am looking through string possibilities to join the Moda String Along.  Though, I am confused because I know that Lori at Humble Quilts is also doing a String Thing Along.  Which one to say I am a part of?  I'll likely keep up with Lori.  I call that synchronicity.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Clue 5 Link-up and Merry Christmas!

I knew I would be taking this clue slow given things I would be doing this week.  But it's such a great clue!  I finished my Christmas tasks on Sunday and then sewed up a few blocks. 
Good Fortune: Clue 5
Ready to go, along with bonus pieces.

 I started my blog post a few hours ago, before I went back to sew some blocks.  I didn't anticipate being finished with Clue 5 tonight, but I am!  Now I am all ready for Friday's new clue release. yah!
Good Fortune: Clue 5

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Good Fortune: Clue 5
I'll bet everyone has these teeny slivers after this clue!

This morning after gifts were exchanged, one of my sons  said, "you are still making cinnamon rolls, RIGHT?".  I really wasn't planning on it, we've been on treat overload for the last couple of weeks.  But I did make the recipe....  I use my grandma's recipe from when she worked in a school, and it is very good--it makes a lot though.  I wasn't planning ahead and started adding ingredients before I realized I should have halved it!  I will send some to neighbors tomorrow for sure!

Christmas Yummies

I knew December would be rough diet-wise, but I've still kept up with logging calories at myfitnesspal.  So far I am only up by 5lbs and come January Kev and I already decided we are going to do our 2nd round of Whole30.  I found it really helped for kicking sweets.  The backstory on the Whole30/Paleo plan is that hubby's company started a new health push for those over the arbitrary BMI number they chose:  Lose 2 BMI points and gain $500 each participant into your HSA account.  Don't lose and lose $500 each participant (likely pays for those that lost the points).  I tried dieting from April to July with minimal to show except that I was back to where I was in the previous year's biometric screen.  Through Whole30 we both lost the 2 points we needed by Oct 15, and because I know how these things go, we continued for as much as possible until today.  So far I have lost 2 more points so unless they change things, I am in the clear for 2019's screen.  As much as I hate these "nudges", I am glad that I seem to have found what works for me in regards to diet and exercise (I do daily walk during the week, and add treadmill for at least 3 mornings).  My daily fitbit goal is only 7000 (compared to 10,000 "they" say to do), but I'm ok with that.  What I really dislike is that I have dieted my whole life and end up only gaining more.  I'm sure that's a story a lot of people have.

I hope you've had a wonderful holiday and celebrated in the way that brings you the most loving feelings.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Weekend Wrap-up

Clue Four is here!  Yah!  I was hoping this quilt would involve strings, and this was the clue I was waiting for :)  I finished sewing Clue 3, and have pressed the long pieces but I still need to press and square up the half-square triangles.  That will be this week's project.

This weekend was filled with making cookie dough, almond roca, and in the wee hours of Sunday morning I decided to begin baking them.  The youngest child's alarm clock was going off at 2:16 and he wasn't turning it off.  After I woke up, carefully walked across his lego mined floor to turn it off and I could not go back to sleep.  45 minutes later I went downstairs and turned on the oven.  At least now all the cookie packages are put together and either already gifted to neighbors today or are ready to be mailed this Wednesday.  I have been dreading baking to be honest... I have been doing the paleo diet (started with Whole30 in September) and the thought of the sugary treats sitting in the house make me nervous.  Unlike soda, giving up sugar has been much harder.  My plan for December is to do my best and be ready to perhaps do another Whole30 month in January.

Oh!  and our Boy Scout troop's tree lot was sold out on Saturday!  10 days before Christmas!  In our 8yrs with the troop we've never experienced that so it was really cool.  Hubby's (he's the scoutmaster) words put it best:
Just shortly after the last shift of the night began, there were 2 trees remaining.  A gentleman came walking over and asked for me by name.  He stated that he wanted to bless the next two families who came to the lot wanting to buy a tree.  He paid full price for the 2 remaining Douglas Fir trees - $50 each.  He stated that he had been blessed in his life and wanted to share.  He stated that he appreciated us all spending our time at the lot.  We were all flabbergasted at his generosity and should his hand and thanked him.  He then pulled out his wallet and handed us a $78 tip!  On TOP of the $100 he had just paid for the trees.
Thanks to this gentleman's generosity, a single mother of two and a widower on a fixed income were blessed this evening with a tree.

He added in encouragement to live by the Scout Slogan of Do a good turn daily, which doesn't have to just involve treasure, but their time or talent in helping others.  This was a great year for the tree lot, even with one "unpaid" sale and two bad trees.  I enjoy this fundraiser.

Now... on to Clue 4!
Good Fortune Clue 4

Orange strings!!

Guess what my high school colors were?
Good Fortune Clue 4

Orange and green :)  My high school is now a homeschool network location as it merged with another local high school a year after I graduated.  For the new school colors they kept the green and added it to one of the other high school's colors.  I can't remember at the moment what the color is.  They then kept the orange and the other color as secondary/highlights.  I have to say that growing up in the 80's during the bight neon times, school spirit weeks were fun!

Thanks Bonnie Hunter for another fun mystery!  Link up here:

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Some fixings and Continuings

Wednesday night was Darrin's scout meeting.  He had an earlier patrol meeting and with Kevin out of town for the week, that means I'm it for unlocking the doors, etc.  I decided that I'd had enough of social media and app garbage to pass time during these events, so I grabbed my hexie box to see if I could finish up some of the 3-piece hexie background sections.  I finished up 7 last night, and this morning after walking with Darrin to his stop and before the treadmill trot, I finished up the last three.  The only parts to the background I have left are two larger end sections for my 8th row.  I am so close!


I am glad to have this grab and go project, but my 48yo eyes aren't what they used to be.  I haven't looked around, but are there battery powered portable lights that are easily packable for a grab and go project?  At home I use my Ikea Jansjo light for home use... I guess I could always pack a headlamp--which would make sense for a scout meeting and all :)

I was able to also fix my sleeve for my reindeer shirt.  It isn't an exact match with the other sleeve, but much better than the first attempt.  Also noted... I did my sleeve backwards.  It isn't one of those "cut on the fold" sleeves and I thought I picked the front correctly.  Nope.  It still fits fine, but since I did a large bust adjustment, I think it is slightly off.  oh well and sigh.  Aligning the sleeve with the armscye, it matched up however.  I haven't checked to see how close it is on each side, but it still worked even though it was backwards.

Love Notions Classic Tee

I am not completely finished with Clue 3 of the mystery yet, but I'm getting there.  Today I was going to finish it up, but got distracted with my hexies and some other things I needed to get done.  I am looking forward to seeing what Clue 4 has in store!

I'm so ready for the hubby to be home tomorrow.  Business travel isn't so bad now that the boys are both older (those earlier years were tough!), but I still sure miss him and our daily/weekly routine together.