Monday, April 16, 2018

A Return to Hexies

I can hardly believe it... I have enough background hexies now basted and ready to finish up my flower garden quilt.  One thing is for sure, the background matches the weather!  I have some spring flowers in bloom, but that constant grey and rainy weather we've been having!

I get to the point that I don't even want to look at another hexagon, so this project sits (beside my chair!) for years until I decide to pick it back up again.

I only have four rows left to sew, hopefully this will be the year that it falls off the UFO list. Here is the last photo I took of the progress, July 1, 2016:
Row 5/9 completed

I didn't sew anything in regards to this project for nearly 2yrs.  On the pink piece of paper I tried to figure how many more I needed.  Right now I have 366, but I only needed 352.  I am undecided if I want to grow this quilt beyond the current plan so I am keeping that as an option.  I was considering a scrappy colored ring around the grey.  But considering this quilt project is 17yrs old, I may just be happy with a single grey edge.

I am really glad I took a picture of my blocks laid out, and then clipped together/numbered the flower blocks when I finally decided on the layout.  That cut down on any future confusion I would have had :)

Flickr is driving me crazy today.  First it wouldn't upload my box of hexies, now it is uploading it multiple times from my phone.  I've already deleted 8 copies of the image, hopefully it will stop.  Happy Monday!


  1. Ooohhh, I am excited for you. This is going to be so much more fabulous than it is right now. Sometimes things need to age for a while. I betcha once you get started stitching, this will be ready for quilting in no time. I just betcha!!!

  2. You have done the hardest part. Stitching and counting. An Heirloom project for sure. Go, Melissa go!!

  3. So cool! I hope you get to finish it now!