UFO List

I decided that I need to figure out what I am going to do with the unfinished projects I have put aside for various reasons.  So, I made a list while going through two bins.  I am positive I have others, but I am not sure where they would be.  I will strike off any UFO's as I finish  

Here's the list January 2014:

1. Orca Bay: ready to quilt
2. Ocean Waves: ready to quilt
3. Starry Nights top
4. Civil War Sampler top
5. Hippy Circles: top, may need more
6. Snail Trail: square top, may need more
7. Color block star wallhanging: top
8. WASIQ block exchange 1
9. WASIQ block exchange blocks: many! 9.5” enough for at least two quilts
10. Christmas scrappy String-X top: top needs length
11. Chicken Round robin: top may need a few borders
12. 12 crown of thorns cat blocks
13. Older (early 1900's) appliqued tulips: top
14. Older (early 1900's) blue Pineapple Cactus: top
15. Ugly Fabric Challenge: blocks
16. Ugly Fabric Challenge wallhanging: top or add to it
17. Misc. orphan blocks: enough for a top, but they don't really go together
18. 4 large blue and yellow 3-D geese blocks
19. Wonky Lone Star: partially together
20. Kuna Mola blocks: 11
21. Amish Ohio Stars: 12, 12” black background
22. QFT Square in Square signature blocks: 19, 5”
23. Friendship stars: 6.5” along with some split rail blocks
24. 1999 QFT HST Signatures
25. Disappearing 9 patch: top, may need more
26. Trip Around the Garden/World: top, needs one more round
27. Stars and Stripes Sampler: 1-2 blocks done
28. Grandmother’s Garden, 18 baskets, one flower.  Maybe just finish baskets
29. 17 SWAN swap blocks: 12.5”
30. Small Baskets applique: 12 blocks, 4 finished 7”
31. 2 Tulip wallhangings: top, take apart make 1?
32. Tulip quilt wallhanging: partially quilted, not squared but binding attached. Unquilt add to other tulip wallhangings?
33. QFT Christmas ornaments signature swap:  abt 4.5”
34. WASIQ stretched stars block signature swap blocks: abt 4.5”
35. Daniel photo top: kind of ugly, take apart?
36. Tea pot wallhanging: top
37. Satin 1 patch quilt top
38. Blue house wallhanging: top
39. Asian slice and dice wallhanging: top
40. Star/applique border wallhanging: fons and porter I think.  Cute
41. Adoption quilt blocks: top, could add more to make a kid’s quilt
42. Christmas/angels wallhanging: top
43. Partially handquilted Ohio Star wallhanging
44. Hoffman challenge fabric wallhanging: top
45. Pink background, wedding ring: top, either wallhanging or make larger with other blocks
46. Sawtooth Stars, baby quilt size: top
47. Tea cup iron on top with Mary Engelbrieght fabrics wallhanging: top cute  finished 2/14
48. Batik Stars?: top, fullsize to queen size
49. Batik WASIQ round robin: top large, full size
50. Outer space: top, kid bed sized
51. Town Square Sampler (Eleanor Burns): top bedsize
52. Baltimore Album Blocks:12” 9 finished, 3 in process
53. Old Glory: one or two appliqued blocks finished
54.  Cats in my Garden: one block finished, one started (embroidery)
55. Love is a Work of Heart Applique quilt with Deb, Julie, Nikki: 9 blocks
56. Hexagons, grandmothers flower garden: layout not yet decided, 75 flower blocks
57. Batik Stretched Star top
58. Crosses in the Dark
59. Primitive Gatherings: Summer Block of the Week, top finished
60. Mod Olives: design 2
61. Primitive Gatherings 10th Anniv. SAL

Since making this list, I have taken #31 and 32 and am attempting to work them all into one quilt.  The problem is that I painted the blue fabric I used for the background, and I am out.  I am putting pieces together to try and work it out.  If I get this together, I can edit those two numbers into one and maybe a quick finish.  Of this list, I could probably make quick finishes of at least 6 items.  Some things have just sat in the bins for so long because I wasn't sure if they were done, or like my Jane quilt, I got tired of it.

I will revisit this list every month or so and see if I can't get stuff marked off.  I didn't bother adding some of the junkie stuff I tossed out.  My quilting has sure changed over the years! 

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  1. Oh! A quilter after my own heart. :) I really love that you're not tossing everything old out like so many people seem to do. I think there's a deep respect in working on finishing projects we spent good money on in the past, and it's fun to revisit with our old selves even if what we loved then is not our favorite now.