Friday, January 31, 2014

A January Finish

Today I finished up something from my UFO list, too bad I didn't finish up more this month but this is one less item in my UFO bin!  Woohoo!  The colors are not totally true in the image, but I think the picture I have of it in the previous post as a top is much closer.  This wallquilt measures about 30" square.

Bluework Teacups

The back:
I like to show backs just because you can see the quilting better.  No fun, scrappy pieced back for this one. I used a piece of Kona muslin that was in a scrap pile along with a perfect sized scrap of batting.
Bluework Teacups

And my youngest sweetie.  For those wondering (since it is "Blue Friday"), he does have a Seahawks shirt on under his OSU sweatshirt.  I know, it's orange like the Broncos, but it is most definitely NOT Broncos fanwear.  Go Seahawks!! :)

Bluework Teacups

#47 on my UFO list is officially finished.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Quilt UFO: "Bluework" Teacups

I came to the realization that I am close to the end of January and I haven't finished a UFO yet.  After sewing a step on the pinwheels for the tulip top, I pulled out a quick-finish top from a container: #47 Tea cup bluework iron on top with Mary Engelbrieght fabrics wallhanging.

"Bluework" Teacups

It's cute, and it was quick to make up.  I'm not sure why I put it aside and it has been unfinished all these years, but it is currently basted and ready for quilting.  My plan is to finish it up this weekend.  I used to have a great spot in the kitchen to hang these types of quilts, but we added a second china cabinet and I lost my quilt wall.  Perhaps that's why this has been unfinished.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pinwheel Blocks for the Field of Tulips Quilt

I didn't do any quilting last week, my mind was elsewhere.  This week I decided to get back to it so I sought out various pinwheel blocks for the two sides of the Field of Tulips quilt top in progress:

Fields of Tulips

Along the way, I found this tutorial on youtube:
I've done other "disappearing" blocks before, and I love how something so easy can be turned into something else.
My attempt:
  Disappearing Pinwheel 
 Turning the 4 sides:
  Disappearing Pinwheel 
 Turning the corners, 4 different designs:
  Disappearing Pinwheel Disappearing Pinwheel 
  Disappearing Pinwheel Disappearing Pinwheel
Now... which do I do?  The blocks will have the same light blue, but different colored batiks.  The corners would have a neat design with different colors, but just one row on each side, it wouldn't be a lot of variation (kind of like a jewel box quilt design?).  But I am still leaning towards the fourth one, but I like the third one too.  I'm still not sure if this is the design I want for the outer edge though, but it was fun to try.

I guessed that the tutorial uses two 10" layer cake fabrics, and eventually that block finishes at about 12"--I couldn't find the actual written tutorial for measurements.  I was wrong.  I started with 8", my block ended up being 8.75"--probably suppose to actually be 8.5" unfinished (stretch issue).  You have to sew a seam around the outside edges of the fabrics, cut diagonally, turn to make the pinwheel, sew, and then cut in 9 equal (-ish, I find it difficult to get exact measurements) sections.  That's it.  I think the "sew around the edges" is the part where the problems can start because you will end up with stretch.  So my thought is to simply start off with a pinwheel block whichever way you normally make them and go from there.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Field of Tulips Quilt

I attached 352 squares along two edges to add some width.  I like how this quilt is coming along, but currently I need to add about 20" more to make it closer to a queen-sized quilt (my goal for this one).  I will be adding a single row of squares along the top and bottom as well (making the length 92"), but I am currently trying to decide what to do about the width.

Fields of Tulips

One thing I am considering is looking through my UFO bins for some blocks that would fit and are of a flower theme to add for width.  Or, I am considering making a single block style (maybe as a 9" block) to put on either side.  I was thinking a traditional block, not too fancy... maybe like a churn dash or something along those lines.  I was also considering some type of pieced flower block as well that could be used.

OR..... What about windmill blocks to give it a more "Dutch" feel? hmmmmmmm....... Now I will have to search for a somewhat simple windmill block that I could do several of without too much difficulty.

This seemingly simple and easy quilt has had a ton of re-do's, undo's, etc... I'm surprised I can still do my math :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

UFO List Project: Easy Strip Tulips

This project is part of #31 and 32 on my UFO list.  #31 was actually two small wall quilt tops (top and bottom sections), and #32 was already quilted (ugly) with a binding attached (middle section).  I ripped it all apart and then reworked all three projects to fit together into one.  At this point I think I am going to add a checkerboard border to add width to the sides, and a not as wide checkerboard along the top and bottom as the length is good for a bed quilt right now.


I painted the blue background fabric probably around 2002/03, and at this point all I have left is a small strip.  The checkerboard will likely have a different blue mixed in and I have some of that green from the tulip stems/leaves left that I will add in as well.

The blue fabric has some sparkly white in it that was suppose to be clouds.  I like that it isn't as heavy as a Fairy Frost fabric, but still has the sparkle.

As normal, I have no plans for this quilt yet, but it will talk to me more as I work my way through it.

Friday, January 3, 2014

My UFO List

I decided that I need to figure out what I am going to do with the unfinished projects I have put aside for various reasons.  So, I made a list while going through two bins.  I am positive I have others, but I am not sure where they would be.  Here's the list:
UFO List
1. Orca Bay: ready to quilt
2. Ocean Waves: ready to quilt
3. Starry Nights top
4. Civil War Sampler top
5. Hippy Circles: top, may need more
6. Snail Trail: square top, may need more
7. Color block star wallhanging: top
8. WASIQ block exchange 1: top
9. WASIQ block exchange blocks: many! 9.5” enough for at least two quilts
10. Christmas scrappy String-X top: top needs length
11. Chicken Round robin: top may need a few borders
12. 12 crown of thorns cat blocks
13. Older (early 1900's) appliqued tulips: top
14. Older (early 1900's) blue Pineapple Cactus: top
15. Ugly Fabric Challenge: blocks
16. Ugly Fabric Challenge wallhanging: top or add to it
17. Misc. orphan blocks: enough for a top, but they don't really go together
18. 4 large blue and yellow 3-D geese blocks
19. Wonky Lone Star: partially together
20. Kuna Mola blocks: 11
21. Amish Ohio Stars: 12, 12” black background
22. QFT Square in Square signature blocks: 19, 5”
23. Friendship stars: 6.5” along with some split rail blocks
24. 1999 QFT HST Signatures: top
25. Disappearing 9 patch: top, may need more
26. Trip Around the Garden/World: top, needs one more round
27. Stars and Stripes Sampler: 1-2 blocks done
28. Grandmother’s Garden, 18 baskets, one flower.  Maybe just finish baskets
29. 17 SWAN swap blocks: 12.5”
30. Small Baskets applique: 12 blocks, 4 finished 7”
31. 2 Tulip wallhangings: top, take apart make 1?
32. Tulip quilt wallhanging: partially quilted, not squared but binding attached. Unquilt add to other tulip wallhangings?
33. QFT Christmas ornaments signature swap:  abt 4.5”
34. WASIQ hatchet block signature swap blocks: abt 4.5”
35. Daniel photo top: kind of ugly, take apart?
36. Tea pot wallhanging: top
37. Satin 1 patch quilt top
38. Blue house wallhanging: top
39. Asian slice and dice wallhanging: top
40. Star/applique border wallhanging: fons and porter I think.  Cute
41. Adoption quilt blocks: top, could add more to make a kid’s quilt
42. Christmas/angels wallhanging: top
43. Partially handquilted Ohio Star wallhanging
44. Hoffman challenge fabric wallhanging: top
45. Pink background, wedding ring: top, either wallhanging or make larger with other blocks
46. Sawtooth Stars, baby quilt size: top
47. Tea cup iron on top with Mary Engelbrieght fabrics wallhanging: top cute
48. Batik Stars?: top, fullsize to queen size
49. Batik WASIQ round robin: top large, full size
50. Outer space: top, kid bed sized
51. Town Square Sampler (Eleanor Burns): top bedsize
52. Baltimore Album Blocks:12” 9 finished, 3 in process
53. Old Glory: one or two appliqued blocks finished
54. Cats in my Garden: one block finished, one started (embroidery)
55. Love is a Work of Heart Applique quilt with Deb, Julie, Nikki: 9 blocks
56. Hexagons, grandmothers flower garden: layout not yet decided, 49 flower blocks

Since making this list, I have taken #31 and 32 and am attempting to work them all into one quilt.  The problem is that I painted the blue fabric I used for the background, and I am out.  I am putting pieces together to try and work it out.  If I get this together, I can edit those two numbers into one and maybe a quick finish.  Of this list, I could probably make quick finishes of at least 6 items.  Some things have just sat in the bins for so long because I wasn't sure if they were done, or like my Jane quilt, I got tired of it.

I will revisit this list every month or so and see if I can't get stuff marked off.  I didn't bother adding some of the junkie stuff I tossed out.  My quilting has sure changed over the years!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting the year off right, with a finish in 2013

After 14 years, my Jane Stickle quilt has come to a close.  She taught me quite a bit about sewing: hand applique, machine applique, paper piecing, you name it.  I think this quilt took me so long to do because I wasn't ready to attempt to master some of the techniques.  And let's face it, I still haven't mastered Y-seams especially.  This quilt is full of challenges.
Jane: done!

While I have no plans for this quilt yet (too small for our bed, too large to hang on one of my walls), I am content with using it right now to sit under while watching tv or playing Candy Crush :)
A few pictures taken right after I finished:
Jane Stickle is DONE!




Flowers in the basket:
Flowers in the basket

And the back, I love seeing the backs with all the quilting:
Jane Stickle is DONE!

If you'd like to see more pictures of various blocks and all of the triangles: Go to my flickr set here I wish I still had my other blog up so all the posts about my Jane quilt were together, hopefully someday soon I will be able to get those cleaned up and virus/spam free so I can post those. Though this quilt was a huge process for me, I am glad for the process. It stretched me and taught me. Towards the end with the quilting, I was really burnt out but I pushed through. With one day left in 2013, this project finally came to an end.

And to answer a question upfront, no, I will not make another EVEN THOUGH I have seen so many other Jane quilts in various fabrics that really sing to me. It's not happening. This chapter is closed.