Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Splendid Sampler 14 and 15

This will likely be my last post for the next couple of weeks about my splendid sampler blocks.  We are getting ready to head south to clean up my inlaw's home so that it can get put up on the market this summer.  Having lived there for an eternity, the collected a lot of things so it will likely take a couple of trips to get it ready.  We also plan to visit the hubby's birthmom near the end of next week, so that should be fun.  We haven't seen her in 19yrs!  It's amazing how fast time goes by--it sure doesn't seem that long ago.

Block 14 Flying High
14 flying high

Block 15 Family Affair
15 family affair
I have paper pieced some of the pieces in this quilt (quilt shop and Iowa), but those were larger.  This was the first "true" paper pieced block and it was the first time I have ever paper pieced with flannel!  That was an interesting experience--for sure keeping the paper on until the very end was necessary because of the bias (and extra stretchiness of flannel).  I am pleased with how it came out overall... and if I really liked to paper piece then I think a whole quilt with this block would be fun.  But I get too distracted when it comes to doing the same thing over and over again.

We'll see what block comes out on Thursday.  I may work on that one before we leave on Saturday.