Monday, July 6, 2015

A Finished Row by Row

I decided this year that I didn't want to participate in the Row by Row, last year was fun, but mostly because Darrin and I had our road trip to get them.

I decided to make the Seahawks wave from Keepsake Cottage (Bothell) so I could have a tablerunner for football season.  I added some Seahawk m&m's for the photo op too :)

Row by Row, Keepsake Cottage, Bothell

Row by Row, Keepsake Cottage, Bothell

I have been collecting the Summer Block of the Week from Primitive Gatherings.  I am behind by 5 weeks now!  I am not in the mood for any wool applique right now, but I will eventually do them.  This heat that we are getting is not fun, we are pretty spoiled in the Pacific Northwest because it's typically so mild.  We normally only get a couple of weeks of hot weather (90+), than it usually does not happen until the end of July and into August when it does hit.  This year June was HOT.  We decided to buy a portable AC unit just before the heatwave hit, and I am so glad we did.  Our house isn't too bad until we have many days in a row of hot... I think records have been broken, we had the hottest 4th of July since 1971 at 92 degrees.  We usually say that summer doesn't start until July 5th (because it tends to rain on the 4th), not this year.  So until I get my quilt room to cool down, I'm guessing there won't be a lot of machine sewing going on.

Hopefully I'll get another project done before July is up :)