Saturday, February 21, 2015

2014 Primitive Gatherings SAL Progress

I just about had February get away from me before making a blog post.  I just haven't felt much like blogging and really all I have been doing is making churn dash blocks for the final round on this SAL (40!!).  I did make one more grandmother's flower garden flower while I was in California during the last week in January, but I am not too impressed that was all I got done (I only need to make 13 more for the quilt!).  We drove down, and I didn't feel like doing any sewing at all.  That was a good 12hrs each way that could have been sewing (ok, I did drive part of the time), but I like watching things go by.  We don't go places far away very often so I enjoy the travel part.

Approximately 36.5" square at this point:
Primitive Gatherings 2014 SAL
My SAL is not very square, but I think I will be able to quilt it into submission when it is time.  I may end up doing a strip border at the end so I can square up to try and at least not have wavy edges.  I can't square at the churn dash round without losing points.  I'm not sure what happened with it going not-square on me, but I have a feeling that it happened around the time I got my featherweight (square in a square round).  That was my trial with learning the machine and I have found that the fabric against the feed dogs gets fed pretty liberally and not as even on top.  This is good to know for the future, but it made things interesting at this point.

I still have applique to do on the red strip round, and I have eight corner flowers to do for two of the rounds as well.  I hadn't been feeling much like applique lately--especially after getting the featherweight, but I guess it's time to get busy with it.