Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I think my most favorite part of working on hexagons, is seeing the bead box nearly filled.  I like seeing them all together like this.

I am now on my final sets of flower pieces.  I still need to baste four more sets--which will end up filling the entire box.  And then I will be on to the black hexies that I will sew into triangles.  I believe I am finally set on a design for this quilt.  I saw a quilt that had a layout of diamonds with flowers that I liked.  Since these two flower sets have the most (of the same fabrics used), I have been playing around with design ideas.  The rest of the flowers may have a duplicate or two, but aside from these flowers below, the quilt will be scrappy.


And because I had an extra yellow center basted, I am making 75 (instead of 74) flowers.  Who knows if I will need more, but if there are extra I will just put them on the back.