2014 Finishes

January 31, 2014:
Bluework Teacups
An old UFO, finished!

Bluework Teacups

February 22:
I am disappointed that for some reason I could not find this top listed on my original UFO list, so I had to add #57.  I am not sure how that happened or if I am blind to how I listed it.  Either way, it is completed.

Stretched Star Comfort Quilt

April 27, 2014 Mod Olives, design #1

A quilt made for my first grandchild, Alora May Devin.  I especially loved doing the quilting on this one.  Nice pink chevron flannel for the backing and a pink with black polka dot binding.  I hope it is loved to pieces as she grows.

Mod Olives: Finished Baby Quilt

June 15, 2014 Super Secret Father's Day t-shirt Quilt:

A quilt using various shirts (from many games, our honeymoon, and coaching) and a Mariners fleece backing.

Super Secret Father's Day Quilt

August 2, 2014
Row by Row Experience

Row By Row Experience

August 9, 2010
Kaleidoscope Quilt

A gift for a special little boy in Las Vegas!
Kaleidoscope Finish!

December 13, 2014
Memorial Quilt for Brad

T-shirt Memorial Quilt

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