Saturday, April 29, 2017

Eagle Quilt: Process

Now that I have the center medallion finished, I needed to surround it with the background fabric to square it.  I'm not sure yet what the center size will be, it will depend on my next steps in construction.

finding my quarter sections was simple with the number of wedges used for the pattern:
One large quarter

I had to use two layers of freezer paper to cover the entire quarter. I traced along the edge and then added a quarter seam:
Tracing 1/4" seam allowance

And here we go with trepidation I cut two layers at a time.  I matched the two ends of the yardage so that one side would have the words upside down.  I turned the template and cut two more sections in the same method.
The largest Drunkards Path template I've ever made...

After making sure the words on the background fabric were all going the same direction, I sewed the background together at the ends and then pinned it to the center.
Placing the background fabric in the right position so the words are going the correct direction

All together.  Now to figure out what size the center will be

The fabric isn't quite "smoothed" yet on my wall, but I can tell I may have to do something to the bottom near the tail to ensure no waves.  I'm thinking I may unpick and resew.

Currently it is over 64" square, but I will be trimming it back quite a bit (probably close to the sides/top/bottom of the center.  I'm not set yet what I will be adding around this medallion, but I have some block ideas in mind.  I've been pinning a few ideas on pinterest since I started planning this quilt last summer.

I am thrilled with how the center has turned out!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Boy Scouts Eagle Quilt

Yesterday I finally started on an eagle quilt that I have been planning since October (when I found the pattern I wanted to do to mark one son's Eagle rank earned).  He still has a project and two partial merit badges to finish up, so I have time.  I just uploaded one image to Instagram and I came across another with red/white/blue fabrics used, and it looks awesome:  Had I seen this first, I might have changed my mind on fabrics!

I began with labeling my fabrics. I took a swatch of each then glued and labeled on a card so I wouldn't confuse myself sewing the strips.  The background fabric has the scout oath on it, so as a directional fabric I had to be careful and be sure I was sewing that strip in the same direction.

Loving the tail!

And this is as far as I finished last night before my son came home from youth group:

One more section:

And voila! I am finished for today since the schools have early release day today, so it's all covered up and I can now consider how to attach fabric to this circle to make it into a rectangular quilt.
I am currently going for a queen sized quilt--or maybe slightly smaller full-size. I have some ideas in mind to add to it as well. One funny thing today, I sent the hubby a picture of the progress and I told him I was considering putting my picture where the eagle's body/head will be appliqued :) It would be a funny photoshop regardless.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Humble Quilts Doll Quilt Exchange

I received the cutest doll quilt from the Humble Quilts exchange over the weekend from Stephanie Hanson in Texas:

Humble Quilts, Doll Quilt Exchange

Those tiny triangles are so cute!

Humble Quilts, Doll Quilt Exchange

I haven't decided yet where I will display it, but I sure do love looking at it!

Link to the quilt I made:
2017 Humble Quilt Swap


Monday, April 24, 2017

Graduation/Memory Quilt, Pink Lemonade Finishes

I finished up a few projects over the weekend, here is one.

Graduation quilt

I am going to try and ignore that now (literally "now"! after downloading photos) when I look at the picture, I think I put the rabbit applique in the wrong location.  It's too late now, it's been mailed off... Why is it that I have a hard time seeing things until I look at photos?  Why can't I see the placement without having to do that.  ugh!  The good part is that it can be removed since I put it on after the top was together.  It might take a little time to remove it, but it's up to my niece.

On a note about sewing baby clothing into a memory quilt, I don't plan on doing that again.  Yes, I have seen some very cute ones, but after several needle breaks, I'm going to decline those.

Graduation quilt

My next finish was a new quilt for my grand daughter.  After making the "Pink Lemonade" pattern that came in a Quilty Box, I knew this was what I would be giving to her.  I amazed myself by sewing the binding down in one day (usually I give myself 3-4 days).  I am not very good at machine sewing the binding, so that was out.

Pink Lemonade

Anyway... with so many irons in the fire, I have been feeling paralyzed.  I hate that feeling of being so overwhelmed.  My next project I must finish is Daniel's Boy Scout Eagle quilt.  I already have the pattern, and though there is time, this is something that is going to sneak up on me if I'm not careful.  He thinks he'll reach Eagle by June, but I think that's pushing it.

I can't get over the applique placement I did, I'm really upset with myself.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Humble Quilt Swap 2017 pt2

Outside pictures... I guess that pink in the patches just doesn't want to play well for the camera. It looks a lot like my indoor shot from last night.

2017 Humble Quilt Swap

But the backing looks the most consistent in the outside shot:

2017 Humble Quilt Swap

Friday, April 7, 2017

2017 Humble Quilts Swap

I finished up my little quilt tonight to send out to its recipient.  I had this one in mind for the last two swaps, but never finished more than 6 diamonds.  I decided to go ahead and use the hexies this year--what good are they just sitting in my folder anyway?  I thought about a different layout, but decided on this one.  The pink in the patches is actually darker, but I couldn't get the colors correct with the photo.

2017 Humble Quits Swap

I love the backing fabric. The picture doesn't do it justice.

2017 Humble Quits Swap

This one is heading out of the country next week! I hope the recipient likes it, it is definitely a humble quilt with many goofs along with wiggles in the quilting... uffda.  I am a bit rusty with the freemotion.

Updated: I followed up with some outdoor shots the following day, which didn't seem to help overall with getting the colors right:

Update 2: This is the adorable quilt I received: