Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Straits of Mackinac Update

The last few days I have been slowly making progress towards a finish on this quilt.  Originally I was thinking I could be done in time and have something to enter into the fair this summer, but right now I'm not so sure.  All those points to match, what was I thinking?    I'm sure it would be a great entry, but I already know there are a few that did not line up--mostly with the peaky angles to the square in square blocks.  I hate it when they are off.

Here are most of the blue fabrics that I used in the quilt. I did have a few others that I used in the other parts:
Straits of Mackinac Seeing that I have two empty spots in my rows, I think I lost one grouping somewhere. I have looked all over, but haven't found those HSTs yet. I did have to make 16 more. (ha! I just counted the rows in this picture, sure enough I should have had 27 groups... at this point I hadn't used up all of one group yet).

All ready to sew into the blocks:
Straits of Mackinac

Straits of Mackinac

I took this photo with my phone... so out of focus!  I didn't realize how out of focus it was until I emailed it to myself to put into my photos on my computer.
Straits of Mackinac
I have 14 more blocks to make.

I will need to make its own post on this, but I have gotten back into sewing clothing again.  Over the years I have played with the notion of getting a serger, Kevin told me to go for it a couple of weeks ago...
A new toy!

After initially being nervous over using it, I enjoy it a lot.  I still don't quite know where to place my fabrics (or where I SHOULD be), and I definitely don't know all the different things I can do with it, but I have made two tops with it already with the initial settings.... and I love it!

And, full disclosure, I got back to my Mackinac quilt because I had parts laying on a couple of tables that I didn't want to lose while sewing tops :)  So now I put myself on notice: no clothing sewing until I finish up at least the quilt top.  Almost there! :)


  1. Funny, if one of those hst showed up in your newly sewn top. Your aquas and blues are so Beautiful!

  2. Great job and sometimes you are too hard on yourself! I think you should go for entering the quilt. You know you don't have to win best of class every time! :) :) I made Doug a deer skin shirt his weekend, does that count for clothes sewing? Oh and flags for the combines? :)