Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Apparel Sewing

I am having fun using my serger and trying out different clothing patterns.  I love just about anything from Patterns for Pirates or Made for Mermaids, and there are a few from craftsy that I have purchased but haven't tried yet.  This morning after reading about Judy D's new overlock machine, and then following over Judy L's page (this was the post that made me purchase the following pattern...), I decided to take the plunge and buy the Laundry Day Tee.  As you can see by all the links, there is a lot of enabling going on--even if Judy L didn't know it :) If I were being honest, I would say that Judy D is the reason I decided to get back into sewing clothing again (and being tired of being disappointed with retail fit not fitting right--along with short-short sleeves).

Over the last month I have sewn up several Mama Blair tops, three SOS knit pants (trying to get the fit I want with the straight leg version) and now a Laundry Day Tee.  I have purchased several tee patterns from PFP, but haven't made them up yet.  I hesitated buying the laundry day one because they seem so similar.
Laundry Day Tee
My response??  I LOVE this top!  I started off with tunic length, but that doesn't look good for my body (maybe when I am skinny).  After sewing it up, I cut it down to the shirt length--which is what I am used to in a "tunic" size (that can be so subjective).  It was a quick and easy sew, from point of purchase to being finished, it only took me about 2-3 hours at the most.

Our upstairs has the only full length mirror.  I really need to clean it!  With two boys at home, who knows what's on it!

Laundry Day Tee
The fabric from fabric.com's site without the yellowness that our upstairs has.  The fabric is called Bolt By Girl Charlee Pure Vintage jersey knit feathers, it's a nice cotton jersey.

Over the next couple of weeks I need to go through my closet and do an honest purge.  Some things I am not going to fit into and others I won't want to wear if I did fit back into them.  I believe I have had a fear of not having clothes for if I did lose weight, so I hold on to them.  It's time to let go and be happy I can achieve good fits on my own (now if Kohls would have boot cut yoga pants from Sonoma back on their racks, I would buy many pairs... I love that fit).

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Straits of Mackinac Update

The last few days I have been slowly making progress towards a finish on this quilt.  Originally I was thinking I could be done in time and have something to enter into the fair this summer, but right now I'm not so sure.  All those points to match, what was I thinking?    I'm sure it would be a great entry, but I already know there are a few that did not line up--mostly with the peaky angles to the square in square blocks.  I hate it when they are off.

Here are most of the blue fabrics that I used in the quilt. I did have a few others that I used in the other parts:
Straits of Mackinac Seeing that I have two empty spots in my rows, I think I lost one grouping somewhere. I have looked all over, but haven't found those HSTs yet. I did have to make 16 more. (ha! I just counted the rows in this picture, sure enough I should have had 27 groups... at this point I hadn't used up all of one group yet).

All ready to sew into the blocks:
Straits of Mackinac

Straits of Mackinac

I took this photo with my phone... so out of focus!  I didn't realize how out of focus it was until I emailed it to myself to put into my photos on my computer.
Straits of Mackinac
I have 14 more blocks to make.

I will need to make its own post on this, but I have gotten back into sewing clothing again.  Over the years I have played with the notion of getting a serger, Kevin told me to go for it a couple of weeks ago...
A new toy!

After initially being nervous over using it, I enjoy it a lot.  I still don't quite know where to place my fabrics (or where I SHOULD be), and I definitely don't know all the different things I can do with it, but I have made two tops with it already with the initial settings.... and I love it!

And, full disclosure, I got back to my Mackinac quilt because I had parts laying on a couple of tables that I didn't want to lose while sewing tops :)  So now I put myself on notice: no clothing sewing until I finish up at least the quilt top.  Almost there! :)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

2017 Cub Scout Blue and Gold

Last night was my youngest son's Blue and Gold banquet.  We are now starting our final year in cubscouts, it seems like we've been in it forever (reality, it's only been I think 8yrs now... but that is forever in "corralling cats" terms).  If he decides to cross over to boy scouts next March and not early, then I will have both sons in boy scouts at the same time for one month until my oldest ages out.  Since hubby is now scoutmaster, he is already trying to get a camping trip with both boys present arranged for next March :)
My scout caught off guard :)

Our den was in charge of putting on the show this year, and we had fun with a pirate theme.  It was the theme of our pinewood derby, so we decided to run with it.  I found out a few weeks ago that the summer camp they attend is also having a pirate theme this this year.... it's a pirate-y year I guess!

It was a little difficult to figure out what to do for food and entertainment.  We originally had The Pirates of The Puget Sound hopefully lined up, but they apparently lost their insurance.  They would have been perfect.  We called around to many, many different entertainers and we went with Xakary the Magician.  Though he came last year, his show this year was different and just as fun as last year's production.
Finished with Dinner, enjoying the show

Then the food.  Wow!  Prices for catering seem to have increased quite a bit.  We checked out everything from last year's restaurant, to food trucks, and other places we haven't tried yet.  First of all, the Blue and Gold is a birthday party for cub scouts, not fine dining.  I think over the years peoples' expectations have grown, but we dialed it back this year so that we could keep the food cost closer to the $5-8 per person rate.  Well, $5 is out.  We hit closer to the $8 price, but it's hard to go much over that for an event that needs to be as close to revenue neutral as possible.  We ask for a $5/person or $20/family donation to defray the cost, and then the cake auction helps further (decorations, drinks, serviceware, dessert cake, program printing, as well as the meal are the costs).  For the main meal we went with a place called Potbelly.  They do warm sandwiches and though the price seemed to keep changing, our meal was excellent and the salads and all the fixings for the sandwiches were really good.  We supplemented with Pirate Booty and other chips, as well as grapes.  It is a sticker shock to plan for 200 people.  I know other cub packs do pot lucks, so the cost doesn't have to be way out of control.

I wasn't really sure how it would be received ("sandwiches?"), but over the last three years in a row, we've had Italian food.  People were looking for a change and last year we heard a few complaints.  So far this year I haven't heard anything negative.

For decorations, Kevin and I donated our art projects :) towards that.  We did get table coverings and some pirate coins that we saved receipts for, but I found these cool crates on Pinterest.  I sent Kevin a picture asking how hard it would be to make... and off to Home Depot we went.  Thankfully those supplies weren't too much (though, in all I think the 30 crates came to just under $100), and we had an assembly line going!  I made flags using some old fusible I needed to use up as well as fabric from my bolts I had on hand.  They turned out cute!

The programs were cute too!  The parents in charge of that even singed the edges.  Details!

Set up and ready to go

Set up and ready to go

We sent the crates and pirate booty found within (coins, beads, keys, flags) home to whomever wanted them.  I kept the candles though.  I raided a few thrift stores around town to supplement my own candlestick holder supply :)  The kids loved especially one brass candle stick holder that had a thumb hole in it like the old old OLDEN days.  I saw a few different kids walking around the room with it... I loved that! Though, secretly I was whispering in my head "please don't drop the candle"  :) The candles are LED, but they have this waxy resin that cracks with too much handling.  I have two that have it chipping off.

Set up and ready to go

The best part is that I did most of my shopping from Amazon.  I found a great deal on rolls of table coverings and bulk of 12/package of the round covers.   That was a better deal than the dollar store.  However, when I went back to buy more pirate coins, they raised the price by a couple of dollars per package.  I know amazon has their pricings change based on searches, so I am suspect that happened.  I'm not discussing how much I spent on candles, but I am set for any occasion now!

Tables for the cakes:
Set up and ready to go

Dessert Cakes:
Cake to celebrate the scouts crossing over

An awesome Dessert cake

Auction Cakes:
Auction Cakes

Auction Cakes

Auction Cakes

Auction Cakes

We had other cakes show up after I took pictures.  We even had cookies to bid on (which Kevin was one of the winning bids!).

The Auction Cake I made (thanks pinterest!).  A tasty carrot cake, no raisins:
My Auction Cake: Thanks Pinterest!

Food table along with cake table:
Set up and ready to go

Webelos 2 practicing to cross over:
Set up and ready to go

It seems like I've been working on this event forever, probably as long as it seemed to take you to scroll through!! LOL!  I am close to getting my house reorganized again so I can play with my new Juki MO-1000 serger.  That was an early birthday present from hubby.  I'm sure I will post about that one down the road.  Plus I need to finish putting together my Straits of Mackinac quilt.  Thanks for sticking with me.