Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Row by Row

Just an update on my Row By Row:
Top: Attic Window, Wenatchee
2nd: Leavenworth Quilt Company
3rd: Calico Threads, Tacoma
4th: Sew E-Z Too, Spokane
5th: Karen's Quilt Shop, Sequim

Row by Row

I am happy with how it is looking so far.  I am considering using some Washington state themed orphan swap blocks to add to the sides to create more width (since the length with eight rows will seem off balance).  I am sitting down to applique on my bottom rows, and I have some pieces cut for another (tomorrow's project).  It is cuter than I was expecting, seeing them together.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Row by Row Experience Part 2 or 3

....depending on how you are keeping track :)

This morning I got up and took my once-a-week-maple-tree picture (I haven't blogged about that yet, I plan to put the 52 pictures into a quick slideshow eventually) before the construction started up on our street (water mains being replaced) and then I went to work in figuring out my Leavenworth Quilt Company's Row by Row pattern.  I had issues already with this row, but I found that there were some directions left off in regards to measurement of the pine tree trunk, the section under the house, and the three patch piece (I always thought it was called delectable mountains block, but I am not finding the block under that name).

Two Row By Rows completed

I was able to undo a couple of HST's that weren't used to make the three-patch pieces (2), and then I put the rest together.  I actually ended up with two or three extra background pieces that were cut according to the directions leftover, so I don't know what is up with that.  I had to use one to give some more length to a top background piece that wasn't long enough, so it worked out, mostly.  I really think the patterns need to be tested more.  I don't know how they were drafted, but I am glad I am able to think about what to do next in these cases--and not stress about it.

Also, with the water HST's: with the rows measuring at 36" (finished), the 2" water HSTs math worked out fine.  Any longer or shorter, it wouldn't have worked as well.

I am planning to do Attic Windows row next with flying geese.  They remind me of kites in the air (but I think they are suppose to be birds).  I might change the background from black to a sky color instead.

retreat selfie
And a final retreat selfie.  Mary describes on her blog the story behind this one.  Rather-Be's is in the background.  What a great place for a quilt retreat.

Retreat Accomplishments

Eastern Washington
7/24/2014 heading east in eastern Washington, such a beautiful drive!  I left around 7:30 in the morning in rainy weather, to make it over the mountains into sunshine.  The weather was warm but not hot, which I love.  I wish I would have made a few stops along the way to take pics of the beautiful scenery and some roadside sunflowers, maybe next time.

First things first.  I really love the Row by Row Experience and what it's all about.  I really do!  That said, I have one and a half rows completed, and in both the directions there are parts that are really difficult to understand.  I have been quilting for a long time, I can follow directions fairly easily... but in one kit, the background fabric was just barely enough (wasn't quite enough actually, but I eased it in) and the cutting directions for the background for the half square triangles was at 3"--when it should have been nearly an inch smaller.  Considering I have run out of the background fabric, that was a huge error.  The quilt shop did come back with a correction regarding the finished sizes of the HST's, but it didn't change on the cutting diagram for the background fabric.  I ended up cutting all my squares so they would finish at 2" instead of 1.5" (corrected is 1.5" finished).  After realizing my error, I already pieced together the "water" HST's, and I am going to see if it will still work (vs taking it apart and trimming down like I have had to do with the others).

Leavenworth Quilt Company

Above is from Leavenworth Quilt Company, a very cute row.  You can really see the size difference in the HST's (the mountain vs the water).  I fudged some land under the house.  It looks a little wider than I wanted, but it was what I needed.  There were a lot of fussy background pieces, and I think some sizes may have been off either in the instructions or in cutting (though I have double checked as I gathered to sew in place).

calico threads

(that orange is actually a red, not sure what happened in the translation) Ok... I love the Tacoma Narrows row (Calico Threads, Tacoma). It was one of the top shops I wanted to be sure to visit for the row pattern.  But having to use an Angle Play template to make it was kind of ridiculous.  I never did figure out the ruler and ended up paper piecing the sailboats instead.  I need to make the cable lines for the bridge--I am planning to do embroidery for that.  Please quilt shops, please please please... don't require rulers like this to make the row patterns again.  yes, I bought that kit with the ruler.  Yes instructions were included.  Yes I searched youtube for demonstrations.  Yes I was HAPPY someone at retreat had paper that I could use to draft the pattern into paper piecing--which was a breeze.  And finally, yes I gave the ruler away. Also, I had to go stash diving because the kit did not have enough of the lighter grey fabric.

working alongside some Angry Orchard hard cider. Yum.  I think it helped keep pieces straight for this quilt :)

Engagement Quilt Top
A quick iphone picture of the engagement/wedding quilt I started a couple of months ago.  I have the bulk of the top finished, and now I am thinking about working in an applique design on top for information and to personalize.  This came to me yesterday when I was showing the finished top to the other retreaters.  I am happy with how this top has worked out.  I designed it on my EQ--which took me some time to figure out too :)  Hopefully I will have this one finished before January (as my goal for now).

And finally, heading home out of Cougar Country.  Washington State University is my alma mater, I just love how the whole eastern side of the state supports WSU.  Go Cougs!
Heading home

I finished quilting the kaleidoscope quilt, and I did pick up a new wool project at the shop we were staying at.  Other than that, I got most of what I had planned to work on finished... and my batteries have been recharged again.  Success!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I finished up the second block (of 13) today.  After the alternate blocks are made, two more flowers will be added to extend the block further.  I am just hoping that I won't lose any pieces before then!  I guess it's time to prep #3, which until I looked at the tiny flower pieces put together to make one whole flower, I was excited to do.  I may change that up a bit.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Row By Row Road Trip

Last night I planned out a road trip for Darrin and I to take for today:
row by row route

The cheapest route was to take the Narrows Bridge west (no toll that way), and ride the ferry home east.  I am glad we did because that meant I got the worst part of the drive out of the way in the beginning (405 is a mess, and I-5 through Tacoma is very busy along with impatient crazy people).  Driving up the peninsula was nice, even though there were a fair number of other drivers.  Instead of hitting the shops in the order I put on my map, after going to Calico Threads in Tacoma, we went to the furthest one away first (Karen's Quilt Shop in Sequim) and then work back to Quilted Strait in Port Gamble as the last.  I'm glad I did it that way because the short drive to the ferry from there was perfect.

The best part of all--and I know anyone in Washington who has dealt with it would agree--I pulled up to the ferry terminal, paid, and was one of the last cars to board!  No waiting at all!  If that were a Sunday afternoon, that would not have been the case.
Four Shops Visited

It was a long day (6hrs!!), but we were able to make it to four different participating shops for the patterns.  I guess this means that it's time to start making them!
Ferry Ride Home

To the North:
Ferry Ride Home

To the South: You can see Seattle in the distance (tall buildings at the right base of Rainier), and even the Space Needle, though my phone didn't pick it up that well (it has to be blown up more to really see the top of the Needle)
Ferry Ride Home

Bye Kingston!
Ferry Ride Home

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Collecting Patterns For the Row By Row Experience

I swore I wasn't going to do this project, but here I am... I started my official pattern collecting yesterday with my local shop in Bothell (their pattern is a row of scrappy pumpkins), and I knew for sure I wanted the pattern from Gossypium in Issaquah.  Take a look at it (this is not my picture, but the finished row with the kit used):

gossypium issaquah
I love it!  It is all applique, and I will likely do fusible vs needle turn.

I wish the participating shops weren't so far away, but I guess the point is to travel over the summer to get them.

Row by Row

I have a list of the patterns I want the most, some I really didn't care for.  If you want to take a look to see if any shops in your state are participating click here  And if you are in Washington State, take a look at the facebook page to see some of the participating shops patterns and plates (which are printed on fabric, btw)

Part 2 Stitch Along

Yesterday was a good mail day.  I received Week 7 for the SBOW (which means I am 5 weeks behind! yikes!) and the fabric pack for the summer Stitch Along for part 2.  I am guessing that the rest of the parts to this will be in rounds vs blocks.

Stitch Along

After sewing the HST's together onto the center, I looked at the instructions again and found that half of the triangle rows were suppose to be turned in the other direction.  Oh well.  I am really hoping that it won't matter because taking apart 1" HST's is not something I will be doing.  I would end up having to redo too many seams.

I used the triangle paper that came with this fabric pack, and though it did make perfect triangles, the seam is very small (1/8" vs 1/4").  This quilt will be a wall quilt, but if it wasn't then it would be a likely guarantee that seams would be coming apart all over the place.  I don't know why their papers use such a small diagonal seam.

Again, here is Part 2 if interested in this free SAL.  Part one is still up as well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Block of the Week #1

I finished my first block for Primitive Gathering's block of the week:

I ended up pulling the bird off and re-positioning.  I guess I am not going to begrudge the fact that the fusible tends to not totally adhere when I want it to in that case.  For block #2 instructions for the alternate blocks were given, so eventually I will get the leaves that extend sewn down.  The center square is 6" finished, and with the four patches added: 10".

This week is the 6th week of the project, I wonder if I will ever actually be up to date before it ends? :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Block of the Week started!

Primitive Gatherings SBOW 2014

Yesterday I received the first five weeks worth of Primitive Gatherings Summer Block of the Week (SBOW) packets. As much as I wanted to start on it, I absolutely had to finish another row of quilting on the kaleidoscope quilt. Each row takes me nearly an hour and a half to do, but now I am finished with 6 rows--only 3 left to go! I was able to finish the row and now I have some handwork ready to go. I doubt I will ever be totally up to date with the SBOW, but at least I'll have something to do when I am procrastinating on the kaleidoscope quilting.

Primitive Gatherings SBOW 2014

Prepped and ready to sew!
Primitive Gatherings SBOW 2014
Looking at the leaf groups for the top and bottom sunflowers... looks sort of like a pot plant.  Hmmmmm... wish I saw that before I fused the pieces!  Oh well, maybe it won't be as noticeable once the rest is on and sewn.

Another bonus yesterday? Part two of the Stitch along was posted! Yah! That one will be quick to do.