Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tulip Quilt and a New Start

I have been MIA in both the quilt room and in blogland.  Well, no sewing meant I really didn't have much to share.

Today I finally figured out what I want to do for my grand daughter's quilt.  I have been collecting pinks and black prints, but I did not have a definite plan yet.  Today it hit me--AND--I felt like actually sewing!  Before I could start cutting, I had to finish up that Field of Tulips top.  I have been burnt out on those disappearing pinwheels, and just left them in a stack at my machine (only needing one more section sewn on the blocks).  So I finished that up, added the top and bottom row of squares, sewed a stay-stitch around this stretchy top... and called it good for now.

Field of Tulips progress

It is now folded up and put into my UFO bin--more done than it was previously, so I am calling that progress made.  I am tired of looking at it, so it is off my wall.

On to the baby quilt...
These fabrics (my phone made the colors washed out--darker in person):

Baby quilt pieces

Partially cut and ready to sew:

Baby quilt pieces

What will it be? It is a part of a current Quilt-a-Long... that is my only hint for now.  I ran out of solid black, so I will be ordering more Kona.  I wonder if anything else will fall into my basket? :)  I have plenty to get the majority done, but with curved piecing it will likely take me at least two weeks to use what I have already (at the rate I have been sewing).

I am excited to finally have a direction to go in for this quilt.